Firearm Seizures

Our primary goal is that our clients lead successful, law-abiding lives.  We provide them treatment, services and support to facilitate their rehabilitation.  Our aim is that they will not recidivate.

At the same time, we recognize that some clients persist in criminal behavior.  Therefore we do everything we can to detect any unlawful activity as early as we can so that we can intercede before something worse occurs – such as violent crime. Field searches of homes and vehicles are important "early detection" tools for the probation officer because they sometimes reveal instruments of violence – guns, knives and other weapons – that are illegal in the hands of felons and could later be used to victimize others. 

To be sure, our primary aim is that our clients not illegally possess weapons.   Again, the avoidance of recidivism is always our first goal.  But for those clients who continue to break the law, we should try to detect that law-breaking behavior as early as possible.  As we know through experience, we want to catch any felon in possession of a firearm before he uses it. 

The impact of this early-detection work is enormously important.  Removing illegal weapons from the hands of felons immediately eliminates a terrible risk to our community.  The National Institute of Justice states that gun recovery strategies that target felons have a high impact on crime reduction. 

So while we continue to provide supportive services and treatment programs with the goal of helping our clients to lead successful crime-free lives, we must continue to complement those efforts with home visits and compliance checks that keep illegal weapons out of circulation. 

For information about some of the firearm seizures featured, click on the pictures below.

 gun sumner17.jpgGun -1.jpgGun- 2.jpgGun- 3.jpg Gun- 4.jpgGun 5.jpgGun 6.jpgGun 7.jpg Gun 8.jpgGun 9.jpgGun 10.jpgGun 11.jpg Gun 12.jpgGun 13.jpgGun 14.jpgGun 15.jpg Gun 16.jpgGun Post 18 - 20161212-2.jpg45lbs of Marijuana 2016-Gun Post 19.jpgGun Post 20 - DV Operation Photo 2016-1026.jpg Gun Post 21 - 2016-0109.jpgGun 22 - bowmer1.jpgGun Post 24 - flores.jpg Gun Post 23 - gun decena.jpg Gun Post 26 - Rifle - Rowland-5.jpgGun Post 27-4.jpg Gun Post 26 - AER-20170525-0840-Somera.jpgGun Post 29 - gun torres 1a and 2a.jpgGun Post 30 - JER-20170605-0738 TORRES.jpg Gun Post 31 - gun sanders.jpgGun Post 33 - gun torrese.jpgGun Post 34 - guns gompert.jpgGun Post 35 - gun somera colt.jpg Gun Post 37 - gun novoa.jpgGun Post 38 - gun sanders 2.jpg  Gun Post 39 - Sasser.jpgGun Post 40 - GUN THOMPSON.jpgGun Post 41- AFS-SANDERS-AER-20170802-1614.jpg  Gun Post 42 - AFS-BERGEN-.jpgGun Post 43 - gun rossi 12.jpgGun Post 44 - gun sharma.jpg  Gun Post 45 - gun thompson1.jpgGun Post 47 - GUN GIRGIS.jpg  Gun Post 48 - gun casebeer.jpg    Gun Post 56-web.jpgGun Post 58 - gun seizure web 0503.jpgGun Post 57 - gun land web IMG_0725.JPGGun Post 60 2018-05-14.jpgGun Post (web) 59 gun 2018-05-14.jpgGunPost 61 (web1) firearm ammo 2018-05-31 200531.jpgGun Seizure 64 2018.06.11 0605a 2.jpgGun Post 65 6.12.2018 2.jpgGun Post 63 2018.05.22 Firearms Seizure.jpgGun Post 64  Gun Post 67 7.9.18 Gun Seizure 7/31/18Weapon Seizure 7/31/18Weapon & Drug Seizure 7/27/18 Gun Seizure 7/12/18Weapon Seizure 8/1/2018Gun Seizure 8/24/18Weapon Seizure 9.7.18Gun Seizure 9.24.18 Gun Seizure 9/13/18Gun Seizure 9.24.28 Gun Seizure 9.14.18Gun Seizure 10/26/18Gun Seizure 11.29.1811/6/18 Gun Seizure 12.6.18Gun Seizure 12.7.18 Gun Seizure 12.15.18Gun Seizure 12.18.18Gun Seizure 12.20.18Gun Post 12.24.18Gun Seizure 91 1.7.19Gun Seizure 91 1.10.19Gun Seizure 12.24.18 (2)Gun Post 93 01.25.19 02.09.20192.6.19Gun Post 95

            Gun Post 3.26.19

Gun Post 102 4.12.19Gun Post 103 4.17.19Gun Post 106 4.17.19Gun Post 105 4.5.19Gun Post 104 4.17.19Gun Post 107 4.10.19Gun Post 108 4.10.19