Professional Standards and Training

Office of the Chief-668.jpgThe Professional Standards and Training Division provides support to the Office of the Chief Probation Officer, as well as ancillary support to Juvenile and Adult Operations. The division is responsible for coordinating the recruitment, hiring and training of all sworn officers and administrative professional.


Wherry-1306.jpgOffice of the Chief

This unit provides administrative support to the Chief Probation Officer and Assistant Chief Probation Officers as well as the Department’s operational divisions through: legislative analysis; research, review, analysis and development of department policy; and research and program development related to the submission of grant proposals and applications. In conjunction with these duties, unit staff prepare memoranda for submission to the Board of Supervisors, the County Executive, the Criminal Justice Cabinet and other bodies; assist in the preparation of presentations by the Chief Probation Officer and other managers; respond to requests for information from various sources including the Grand Jury, the Board of Supervisors and the Courts. Further the unit represents the Probation Department on committees and collaborative teams as needed, and serves as staff to the Juvenile Institutions, Programs and Courts. Additional assignments include the development of department publications, the coordination of volunteers and interns, and the planning and coordination of special events.



The Training Unit coordinates mandated training for sworn and non-sworn staff, including participation in various conferences across the United States. State-mandated training requirements for sworn employees include 24 class hours for institutional services staff and 40 class hours for the non-institutional services staff, to ensure a professional and highly skilled workforce. The majority of the costs of mandated training is approved and reimbursed by the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC). BSCC approves and certifies work-related training offered to sworn staff. Sacramento County Probation consistently utilizes in-house subject matter specialists to train sworn and non-sworn staff. Sworn staff are required to participate in the following training: performance/instructional objectives, first aid (including CPR and blood borne pathogens), firearms, tear gas, defensive tactics, computer systems, and county-mandated training including sexual harassment and workplace violence. In addition to mandated training, staff are always challenged and encouraged to participate in elective training classes to enhance their skills. Each division within the department has training courses tailored to its needs. Further, officers are encouraged to choose courses they may be interested in for their personal career development. All new hires are required to complete a 200-hour Probation Training Academy prior to supervising residents in the Youth Detention Facility. New hires receive instruction on many subjects including: supervision techniques, policies related to Title 15 standards and basic rights of residents, management of assaultive behavior, motivational interviewing, report writing, and ethics.



Members of the Professional Standards and Training Division  are responsible for recruiting and educating potentially qualified candidates for employment with our Department.  Unit staff facilitate Department participation at job fairs, classroom presentations to local colleges, tours at Probation institutions, Livescan operations/ID badges (staff, new hires, volunteers, etc.), and coordinate the Department internship program.  


Background Investigations

The Background Investigations Unit has developed a multi-faceted hiring process to ensure the department hires well-qualified candidates for peace officer positions. The hiring process is designed to make sure candidates meet the minimum qualifications for a position, are physically able to do an entry-level job within the department, and meet POST standards for peace officers. The hiring process is completed by all applicants and is applied uniformly to create an equal opportunity for every interested candidate.

Communications and Media

Email media inquiries to Administrative Services Officer Laetesia Ible at or call 916-875-0369. Responses to inquiries submitted after normal business hours will be delayed.


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Internal Affairs 

The California Penal Code requires every law enforcement agency that employs peace officers in the State of California to have a procedure in place to investigate complaints initiated by members of the public.  The Sacramento County Probation Department has a centralized Internal Affairs Unit, composed of Management personnel, who are responsible for investigating complaints against the Probation Department or specific Department employees.  All members of the public seeking to file a complaint are asked to read the Department's Citizen Complaint Information and complete a Citizen Complaint Form.  



Information Technology

The Information Technology Division serves Probation by providing technical and information systems support to the department.  Technology is a force multiplier by improving the safety, accuracy and efficiency of operations staff while providing employees with the tools and information needed to make data driven decisions.  Not only does the division maintain security systems to all of Probation's building locations, including YDF -- a 24 hour facility -- but also provides radio, computer, and other telecommunications services and equipment (computers, telephones, cell phones, etc.) to the entire department. IT also builds automated reports used for statistical analysis and data collection, as well as systems that mine and warehouse client and staff data.


Human Resources

Commonly referred to as “Personnel,” the Human Resources (HR) unit is responsible for processing timesheets and paychecks for over 600 Probation Department employees. HR also works closely with the Hiring/Background Investigations Unit.