Booking Information

If your child is suspected of a criminal act and law enforcement is going to take action, your child could receive a citation and be released to your custody or they could be booked into the Youth Detention Facility. 

Booking: Admission Process

During the admission process, the minor is entitled to two (2) phone calls: one to a parent or legal guardian and one to an attorney. If they come into the Youth Detention Facility before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. an attorney may not be available. They may also call an employer.

  • Law enforcement will take the minor into the Pre-Booking area where they will complete their paperwork and the minor will receive a medical screening
  • The minor will then enter the institution and probation staff will conduct a pat down search.
  • If there is reasonable suspicion the minor has contraband, drugs or a weapon they may be subject to a strip search
  • Personal items will be removed and placed in a property bags
  • The minor will be fingerprinted and photographed
  • An Intake Officer will use a detention risk assessment tool to determine if the minor can be released to a parent or should be detained at the Youth Detention Facility

Booking: Non-detention vs. Detention

Probation has three options for releasing a child to a parent’s custody.

  • Released to a parent on Home Supervision
  • Released to a parent on Electronic Monitoring

If detained, the following will occur:

  • The minor will be provided a shower and issued Youth Detention Facility clothing and identification wristbands
  • They will be seen by a classification officer to determine security classification and housing location

The law requires that charges be filed, usually within 48 hours form the time the child was taken into custody and detained.

If the District Attorney files charges, there will be a detention hearing within one to two court days following the filing of the charges.

The minor and their parent or legal guardian will be given the date and time of the Detention Hearing.  At the detention hearing the minor will go before a judge who will decide if they are going to stay in the Youth Detention Facility until the next hearing, which is usually 5 days (holidays and weekends excluded) from your detention hearing.


Release from Custody

For information about juvenile releases from custody, please click here.