Parent Orientation Night

 Parent Orientation Night is held every third Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Youth Detention Facility's Visitor Center.


Parent Orientation Night provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to learn about the services and programming their child will receive while in Probation's care. Parents who attend are also provided resources for their child’s successful reintegration back into the community.  

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Participating Partner Resources

 Sacramento County Agencies

Sacramento County Office of Education - El Centro Jr./Sr. High School (website)

Department of Health & Human Services - Juvenile Medical Services (website) - (pamphlet)

Department of Health & Human Services - Behavioral Health Services (website) - (pamphlet1) (pamphlet2)

Community-Based Organizations

Bridge Network (website) - Shores of Hope - Shores Bridges Youth Housing Collaboration - (pamphlet)

Burning Bush Moments (website) - (pamphlet)

G.A.P - Gang Awareness & Prevention (website)- (pamphlet)

Juvenile Justice Chaplaincy (website) - (pamphlet)

La Familia, Inc. (website) - (pamphlet)

Northern California Construction Training (website) - (pamphlet)

Outside the Walls - Parent Support Group (website) (pamphlet)


For more information about Parent Orientation Night, please contact Supervising Probation Officer Lynsey Semon at 916-874-1544 or