Assistant Chief Probation Officer Marlon Yarber

sac_probation_leadership-367 (original modified).jpgMarlon Yarber was appointed Assistant Chief Probation Officer for Adult Operations in December 2013. His public service career began in 1994 with employment as a Deputy Probation Officer in Stanislaus County. He went on to work for the State of California, Office of Criminal Justice Planning, and subsequently the Board of Corrections, as a Field Representative. He later was appointed Deputy Director for the Corrections Standards Authority overseeing a variety of federal and state initiatives in California. In 2011, he was awarded the Kirkpatrick Professional Development Award in recognition of his work to reduce disparities in the criminal justice system. He was hired by the Yolo County Probation Department in June 2011 as Assistant Chief and later appointed as Interim Chief Probation Officer. Marlon holds certifications in leadership and facilitation and has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.