Public Policy Institute of California Releases Public Safety Realignment Report

SACRAMENTO, CA. August 31, 2017 – Today the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released California Probation in the Era of Reform, a report – conducted over a four-year period – that identifies and describes some of the impacts of public safety realignment since its advent.

In 2011, realignment shifted the management of lower-level felons from state prison and parole to county jail and probation, a less expensive alternative to other correctional interventions. These and other policy changes have placed considerable demands on local corrections systems. In response to those demands, Sacramento County Probation built, developed and dedicated resources to an Adult Community Corrections Division within its department, which serves more serious offenders who, as a whole, require more intensive supervision.

The Adult Community Corrections (ACC) Division oversees six collaborative courts, three Adult Day Reporting Center (ADRC) programs, and the AB 109 Intake Unit. Collaborative court programs provide community-based treatment and supervision as an alternative to incarceration. The ADRC sites offer risk and need assessments, case management, community supervision, counseling, treatment, training and education programs. The AB 109 Intake Unit provides assessment and referral services for those clients who have just been released from state prison or the county jail and are under the supervision of the Probation Department.

Following the institution of public safety realignment, the PPIC began conducting a study examining its impacts in 12 California counties. Ever committed to a transparent evaluation of its efforts, the Sacramento County Probation Department joined in this research effort and has continuously provided data and outcomes to PPIC. 

The report states that “there is considerable evidence indicating that probation departments across the state have expanded their use of evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism." One such evidence-based strategy specifically mentioned in the report is Day Reporting Centers and their use as an intervention to reduce recidivism. 

Sacramento County Probation has served over 1,000 clients through its Adult Day Reporting Centers. “Our department is proud of the work we have done with our three Day Reporting Centers, and we embrace data transparency of our programs for future reports in order to inform our decisions and approaches as well as further expand those strategies that are producing positive service, treatment, and program outcomes for our clients," said Chief Probation Officer Lee Seale.


For more information about Sacramento County's Adult Day Report Centers, visit the Sacramento County Probation Adult Community Corrections webpage or contact Assistant Chief Probation Officer Marlon Yarber at (916) 875-8005 or