Paying Restitution

​Both juvenile and adult probationers may be ordered to pay restitution as a condition of probation.  Restitution includes court fees, fines, and costs for detention or commitment in a juvenile institution. Restitution is also paid to victims to cover costs such as property damage, replacement and medical treatment.

You may not be released from probation until you have paid all your restitution, even if you have met all other conditions of probation.


Responsible Parties

When ordered by the court, adults who are convicted of a crime are responsible for paying restitution.

Minors and their parents, as well as guardians whose guardianship began before the adjudicated minor was 10 years of age, are accountable for the costs of restitution ordered by the court for crimes committed by the minor.



Restitution is collected by the County Department of Revenue and Recovery (DRR). Payments may be made:

  • In person to DRR; 
  • Mailed to DRR; 
  • By credit card over the phone or internet to DRR;      
  • By electronic check over the phone or internet to DRR; or    
  • To the probationer's Probation Officer.




More information about making payments can be found at